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Security Window & Door Frames

Protect your organisation against ballistic attack

In the past the true risk in Australia for ballistic attack has been minimal, and so companies could offer products cheaper knowing that they were fairly safe in doing so, but now the risk is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ something will happen, which is unfortunate but that is the changing world as it is.

SFAB Engineering does not cut corners and stand by their guarantee, we have tested our products to the higher US standard (NIJ-0108.01) which exceeds the AS/NZ 2343 so you can rest easy knowing we feel responsible and take on board your risk to ensure your safety and what you are protecting.

SFAB Engineering has been involved in the high security joinery trade now for over 10 years, with our knowledge and expertise we can help in the custom designed and manufactured to meet the specific level of the security risk required. We specialise in combination glazed security doors and windows and can be made to provide vision and natural light even in high security areas. High-light and side-light window options can be provided. Steel and glass thicknesses range depending on the type of fire power being resisted.

Bullet proof windows ideal for protection where the threat of fire arms is prevalent.

Risk: Extreme - Bullet Resistant from G2 up to R2 resistance. Steel window frames are fabricated from custom made proprietary folded steel sections and / or steel RHS and angle sections to provide superior strength to resist the penetration of projectiles. The Bullet Resistant Glass is specially designed to encapsulate exceedingly high velocity projectiles without allowing penetration through the glass panel.

Where to use it?
This is generally in areas where large amounts of cash or data is stored or handled on a daily basis or the protection of personnel is of high importance.These areas include:-

SFAB Engineering provides the utmost in security and safety, meeting the challenges of increasing threats in an ever-changing world.

sfab Exceeds Australian Test Standards With
U.S. Standard Security WINDOW & DOOR FRAME Systems

(SFAB Laboratory Test Report Photos)


Intruder resistant windows ideal for protection where the threat of physical attack is prevalent.

Risk: Low to Medium - Anti-Bandit.
Steel window frames are fabricated from custom made proprietary folded steel sections and / or steel RHS and angle sections to provide superior strength. The Anti-Bandit Glass is a toughened glass consisting of two or three plies of float glass laminated together with a plastic interlayer. It is designed to resist manual attack with hand tools and to delay access into a protected area for a specified space of time. The increased effort and time to create an opening through the frame or glass layers serves as a deterrent and thwarts further attempts by would-be burglars or opportunist smash and grab criminals. Steel and Anti-bandit glass ranges in thickness depending on the risk that is assessed.

Where to use it?
Anti-Bandit Glass is ideal for use in areas where there is a high risk of smash and grab opportunities, or where items of high value can be easily accessed. These include:_

Or other areas where perceived high value items are held